The Name of the Wind - Patrick Rothfuss

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Some time last year, I found a list of books to read if you love Harry Potter on my Pinterest feed. I saved it and like most things I pin, it became lost in the backlog of things I wanted to eventually try. But when I made a resolution to read 60 books a year (5 books a month), the list resurfaced and proved to be helpful in easing me into the habit of reading instead of turning on the TV.

After reading the synopsis of several books on the list, I decided to start with The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. It’s a story within a story about a gifted wizard named Kvothe and how he came to be the youngest student admitted to the school of magic.

Kvothe recaps his childhood to Chronicler, a man who seeks the truth in stories and documents them as history. Kvothe describes in detail his upbringing as part of a troupe of traveling entertainers, the trials and tribulations he endured after his entire troupe was murdered, and finally of his time at the University during which he quickly climbs the ranks while trying to gather information about the Chandrian, the group Kvothe believes responsible for the murder of his troupe.

True as stated, there are similarities between the Harry Potter series and the Kingkiller Chronicles (did I mention this book is part of a trilogy?). Both Harry and Kvothe are orphans that attend a school of magic where they develop a friendship with a small group of wizards. Both Harry and Kvothe have an enemy at the school; a jealous wizard that goes out of his way to make life miserable. Both perform extraordinary magic and arises as a hero.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and finished it within a week. I will admit I didn’t make the connection that it’s part of a trilogy until I finished it. I originally had planned to read a different book next but there was a big cliff hanger and I felt I should take advantage of my memory of the characters and the events that happened. Definitely a really good read; can’t wait to start the next book in the trilogy. FYI - book three release is still TBD accordingly to this newsweek article..



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